Saturday, October 31, 2009

Statement from H.I.M. Bate 512

"It was long before I came to this world that I realized man spent to much time searching the place he came from instead of partaking of the pleasures I have laid out for him. I have incarnated myself now to show him how he was meant to use this gift of humanity that I have best-own. Woe is to the man who spends his time in quiet meditation trying to commune with me. This is not why you ARE. You ARE to use and enjoy the senses I have revealed to you. In your astuteness you have realized over millennium you have other unused senses. These are my hidden networks of communication with you and they are of no practical value to you. You are meant to enjoy the gift of humanity to it's most excessive ends. Every one of my creations has the unlimited potential for conceiving incredible victories or atrocities. But thought alone is not enough! For why would I create you other then to live them out on the physical plane. Your world is full of chaotic happenings each with it's own wisdom to be drawn from. Your goal is to experience as many of these gifts as possible until which time my gaze sets upon you and I determine if you are worthy of continuing."

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