Saturday, October 31, 2009

Black Candle Ritual for Communion with the deceased

Is it not HE who can bring the Dead back to life? Prepare to dance with the dead. 5 black candles, one short glass of whiskey and one large cigar. Place and light the 5 undressed candles at the points of an inverse pentagram starting in the South proceeding counter clockwise so as you stand in the center you are facing North towards the influx. Place the whiskey glass towards the North, light the cigar and place it on top of the glass. Standing before your offering play the accompanying ritual piece and gently dance with your eyes closed. Repeat until the desired result is achieved which will be revealed to your senses as a state of intoxication, accompanied with laughter. Relish in this state and focus your attention on those who have passed that you wish to pay homage to. When you feel you are finished, clap your hands sharply 3 times 3 to dispel the energies. Extinguish the candles and place the glass with the cigar on a window sill over night. Is it not HE who can bring the dead back to life?

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