Saturday, October 31, 2009

Attracting HIS favour

It is ONLY HE who wishes you the greatest of pleasures and success! As the Non submitters only wish for you to suffer in their image since time memorial, He has always offered a free path to the most delightful pleasures of mortality. In your current rate of vibration, sensory perception are HIS direct means of communication. He wishes to experience thru his creations the stimulation of your senses. HIS appetite is monstrous, hence the need for so many creations. None the less, thru the gift of free will those chosen few who receive his favour are those who earn HIS attention by attracting his gaze upon them. This is done in many ways as all ways are HIS.

It has been his long standing policy that he is closest most to those who are successful unlike the non submitters views.. but is it not HE who bestows success? this supposed paradox is easily clarified like how the hero wins in, almost, every movie, but seldom understood.

When one is driven with focus to any endeavour, they operate instinctively per say by his design. They may doubt they can accomplish their goal rationally, but they spring into action intuitively, not knowing or caring what the side effects of their action may result in. They are like a lion going for a reindeer, with a single focus fueled by the need for continuing to BE. In this moment his gaze sets upon this movement and according to HIS will, the result is bestown. His interest is stoked by continuous provocation. When ones goal is ones being, HE is always watching as this is what he would refer to as PRIME TIME VIEWING. A life which plays out like a blockbuster movie of epic proportions has HIM cheering for the hero, as HE after all, has created us for HIS own amusement. And which thru HIS greatness, HE may participate. With HIS favour, which we continuously petition, we may live happily ever after, until which time we no longer harmonise with this vibratory rate.

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