Saturday, October 31, 2009

High John Success Ritual

The following success ritual, with the entire text from this episode, is meant to create change in the participant. For was it not HE who said...truly change yourself and your world will change with you. In the ritual, their is a reference to High John oil as an aromatic stimulant. our brethren in the south know this scent, but many interested in this particular path throughout the world! do not. As it is not easily available in many places, through his greatness, he has decreed what may be used as a simple substitute as HE, knows the smell of success....

Ingredients for the ritual

one can of red bull energy drink OR one flask of High John oil
one cigar
5 saucers
one thick, purple or red (green for success in business or finance, purple for healing or compassion, and red for love, or for advanced users, for war)



Place the candle in the centre of the room and starting in the south place the five saucers on the floor in the shape of an inverse pentagram in a counter-clockwise motion. light the candle and pour a fifth of the High John oil into each of the saucers. Siting facing North towards the influx, play the accompanying ritual piece while gazing at the candle before you. the scent of the High John oil shall have by now filled the room. With the ritual piece playing, you shall chart a course of action in which to achieve your goal. You must only speculate on this seeing positive results in whatever bizarre or arcane forms. When you can do this no more, light the cigar from the candle and blow out the candle sharply. Keeping the cigar lit, dispel the energy by going out in public with the cigar immediately after performing the ritual. When the cigar is spent the ritual is done. This ritual has long term effects which may not be immediately revealed to you and may be repeated as often as desired. Is it not HE who enjoys to bestow pleasure?

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