Saturday, October 31, 2009

Achieving Validity

Was it not HE who said all things come to life, animated by the acceptance of their own validity? Without this acceptance any given is merely thought devoid of form. Contrarily, form devoid of thought are the "non submitters", whom through their ignorance of their maker, believe they are valid. Woe is unto them who reside in this emptiness, unknown to the loving ways of HE who has created them and all things. For it is only by submitting to Father that one can truly know themselves, as HE is all things. For is it not HE who has created all things? For without HIS favour, which we continuously petition, we would become lost in wonderment and thought, instead of being motivated to spring forward into the here and now where skill and chance collide. HIS gaze sets upon us as we rise to a challenge as we are, after all, created for HIS amusement. Is it not HE who has created all things?

Then let it be said " I shall reach for the highest branch in my waking moments as to attract HIS attention to me through the energy I radiate, as I participate in the grind of humanity. Then, may I receive HIS favor. " For is it not HE who can bestow greatness?

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